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  • Vow, Week 6: Surround, Pray

    This Week’s Text: John 12:12-19 Sadly, so many debates about the Bible end up being an angry argument over whether the Bible is the inspired Word of God or the historical thoughts and recollections of people who were in relationship with God. I think the Bible is both of those things, and I think it […]

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  • Vow, Week 5: Remain, Represent

    This Week’s Text: John 12:20-33 As you have probably picked up over the years, we pastors are a varied bunch. Just like any other field, we are all interested in and good at some things and not others. But the one thing that unites us all is our desire to hear people say, “we wish to […]

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  • Vow, Week 3: Confess, Trust, Serve

    This Week’s Text: John 2:13-22 A Japanese artist named Akasegawa would regularly pass a small staircase that led to nothing. What caught Akasegawa’s eye one day and made him stop was the fact that the wooden hand railing had been repaired. This peaked Akasegawa’s interest, and he began to keep his eye out for other artifacts […]

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  • Vow, Week 2: Accept, Resist

    This Week’s Text: Mark 8:31-38 In today’s Scripture passage, Jesus begins to directly teach his disciples that he would have to undergo suffering, rejection, and ultimately death. To Peter, this makes no sense. Jesus is the Messiah. The Messiah is supposed to overthrow the Roman Empire and sit on David’s throne, restoring authority and autonomy. The […]

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