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  • For In Hope

    This week’s text: Romans 8:12-25 Paul begins with this really great idea that those who live by the Spirit are not just saved, but they are adopted as children of God. In Paul’s day, it would also cause those hearing and reading this letter to think of inheritance, and Paul calls us joint-heirs with Christ. […]

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  • The Spirit and the Sarx

    This week’s text: Romans 8:1-11 Thankfully, my wife and I keep a clean enough house that our encounters with roaches are few and far between. But have your ever watched an episode of hoarders where people are living with massive amounts of roaches in their houses? Now, it is certainly preferable to have no roaches at […]

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  • The War for Independence

    This week’s text: Romans 7:13-25 When Romans 7 gets chopped up into sections, today’s passage tends to begin at verse 15, but we started at verse 13. There is a set of Biblical scholars that now look at Romans and want to bump the header in your Study Bible back to verse 13. The pattern that […]

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